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Image result for Buy Stamps OnlineAs their name indicates, they are authentic United States postage stamps depicting images chosen by consumers from their own collections of personal photos, or even from their own designs and artwork which have been transferred to digital files. By ordering your own set of PhotoStamps, you can add a very personal touch to all of your mailings. Add a stamp with a picture of your new baby on the birth announcement, or stamps with pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits to your Christmas cards and packages. Put a picture of your new home on your letters announcing that you’ve moved, or if you have a business, add your logo to a stamp for a bit of extra advertising. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination! You’ll be given a choice of ten different border colors with which to enhance your PhotoStamps’ appearance, and a choice of denominations (values) to place on your stamp.If you wish to learn more about this, visit best place to buy stamps.

Your image will be resized to fit the 1.1” square surface area of the photo stamp, after you have used the site’s customizing feature to zoom in on it, rotate it, or move it to your liking. You can upload your images as .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif., or .png files from your Windows or Linux-based PC. But Mac users can also get PhotoStamps, using .pct format. The only limitation is that your file must be less than five megabytes. You can create PhotoStamps for seven separate classes of mail from 26-cent postcard stamps to 41-cent first class stamps to $4.60 stamps for parcels.Image result for buy stamps

Then enter your order, either for a standard sheet of twenty photo stamp, or, if you do high volume mailings, custom rolls with up to ten thousand stamps, so you can buy as many as you think you can use with that particular image. The cost of your PhotoStamps will depend on how many you order, but you will pay the regular cost for the postage and usually between five and ten dollars more for each sheet of twenty. The more PhotoStamps you purchase the greater discount you will get on each set of twenty. You will also have to pay for shipping on your PhotoStamps, with normal, expedited, and rush shipping available. Normal shipping will have your stamps to you in from three to five business days.

You can even purchase PhotoStamps to give as gifts, because their value will remain constant and there is no deadline by which they must be used. The only precautions you should take if you decide to start creating PhotoStamps is that you must get yours from site approved, like photostamps.com is, by the United States Postal Service; and that you should not submit an file until you have studies the content restrictions agreement on the PhotoStamps site.