How To Spot A Shopping Scam

Fake websites are very common on the internet. It is something that many people fall for, especially the older generation. They are almost identical to the official websites, making it difficult for a user to spot. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes that a website can make which would indicate that it is an internet scam. Let’s take a look at several ways where you can spot a fake website.

Are The Offers Too Good To Be True?

One of the methods that these websites use to attract visitors to buy from them is using ridiculously good offers. Offers that undercut other websites that sell the same product. However, that offer can sometimes be too good to be true. If you see 80% off a product, you need to start asking questions.

Many scam websites will use extremely low prices to tempt the user to buy a product from them. At this stage, you must research to ensure the website is legitimate.

Browse Before You Buy

Browsing before you buy a product is very important, this includes all websites. It doesn’t take a long time to check a website and ensure it is legit. All you need to do is read the important pages of a website that you may not think are important. For example, the About Us pages are a good place to start. Yes, you can still fake an About Us page however, it reduces the chances of being scammed if they have one. Nevertheless, if the website states throughout the website where to contact them. They are likely going to be safe to buy from.

Check To See If The Website Is SSL Secure

Another thing to check is whether or not the website has an SSL certificate. That is another key part to check on a website. If a website does not have a closed padlock next to the URL at the top then the website is likely to be suspicious. Most, if not recognised websites will have an SSL certificate which is why you must check whether the website has one.

Social Media Adverts Are Not Always Legit

Social media has become a common platform for our news and where we get information from. Additionally, we even look on social media to buy new products. For example, TikTok shop has become a very popular platform to buy new products.

If you ever see a social media advert, we advise you to visit the website directly, by typing in the URL. Then if you want to buy a product from the site you can because you know it is their website.

Social media advertisements are great for raising brand awareness and attracting new customers however, from a user’s perspective, they would question them because it takes them to a different URL. As a user, you should always be careful about buying a product from an advertisement.


There are many different types of online scams and shopping scams are becoming increasingly popular. Google, Facebook and other platforms struggle with this type of scam. They are becoming as equally common as investment and forex scams. Make sure you’re vigilant when shopping online and ensure you are buying from the correct website.